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Aluminium Guide

guangyuan aluminum profileAluminum is in the periodic desk of the components, a silvery-white metallic. It is soft and stretchy but also brittle and hard. Because of its low density is very easy. It is resistant to weather conditions, corrosion and particular acids. Searching at the composition of the earth’s crust, it really is in third place, soon after oxygen and silicon. Considering only the proportion of metals, aluminum may be the most abundant component in the earth’s crust with 8%, which is nearly doubly much as the next iron with only 4.5%.

Similar to stainless steel, when lightweight aluminum is exposed to the effects of oxygen, a protecting oxide layer forms on the surface of the material, avoiding direct contact with moisture and acidic aluminium. Since aluminum is chemically very reactive, it is very difficult to find it in 100 % pure form. Up to now, over 270 different minerals have already been found with light weight aluminum. The main ore that lightweight aluminum is extracted is usually bauxite – a mixture of minerals gibbsite (hidrargilite), boehmite and the diaspora, the actual lightweight aluminum hydroxide.

Sometimes it is complicated, for the English-speaking area one uses two terms aluminum and lightweight aluminum. Both conditions refer to the same thing – aluminum, the first is accepted worldwide, as the other is used mainly in the United States and Canada. In Croatia, Glinik can be said for aluminum. is the most widely used metal after iron. As with iron, aluminum alloy, which are created by attaching additional elements, hence have far better technical properties than genuine aluminum, and are also more ideal for the production.

Despite the fact that aluminum is much more than iron, aluminum products are usually more costly. The difference is based on the complexity of the cleaning process. Aluminum is obtained specifically through electrolysis, which consumes large numbers of expensive energy. This is one reason why aluminum is more expensive.

Thanks primarily to the precise weight of aluminium, its primary make use of is situated in industries where it is necessary to minimize weight and preserve the essential technical characteristics of steel. Consequently, its use is most common in aircraft, space and automotive and information technology, shipbuilding, beverage and packaging.

It really is interesting that light weight aluminum was found out relatively late, at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1855, lightweight aluminum was exhibited at the World’s Fair in Paris as something unique. Its silvery shine provided admiration, but the cost was higher then your price of gold!

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